There are many paths to the top of the mountain. The array of tools and equipment available for to you choose to bring on this journey are infinite. They are not limited to whatever conventional Western medical wisdom determines is the “right” approach (that’s why they call it “practicing” medicine). I’m not at all critical of Western medicine, as there is great value in the many technologies and cures that have been discovered. This is not, however, to the exclusion of the conventional wisdoms of other cultures, and “alternative” ways of thinking and seeing your body, and understanding the interconnectedness of mind, body, and spirit.


I chose for myself to do it all (hence the “kitchen sink” metaphor), and combined both Western medicine, Eastern/Chinese medicine with herbs and acupuncture, yoga and meditation, nutritional overhaulin’, workin’ with a medical intuitive, and then some! Everything AND the kitchen sink, dig?


Whether or not you “believe” in healing methods other than those employed my MDs (PhDs, HMOs, etc), and whether or not people truly and fully acknowledge the extent of this fact, it is already socially and culturally accepted in more subtle ways. Examples?


              "I have a headache: it’s stress, you need to relax."

              "My stomach hurts: you’re worrying too much about this or that."

              "I feel faint: you’re just nervous, honey."

              "I can’t sleep: you’re overthinking things, you need to turn your brain off."

               or even something as innocent as "An apple a day keeps the doctor away!"


See? It’s there, we’re just hesitant to apply this idea to more hard-core bodily mis-functions. You may want to consider, for example, that Chinese medicine has been around and successfully healed people of many illnesses from headaches to heartburn to cancer for thousands of years. I have personally known people who have healed themselves of all kinds of physical conditions with various permutations and combinations of nutrition, acupuncture, meditation, yoga, etc. 


For the staunch nay-sayers, I should note that even the National Institute of Health has a whole department dedicated to researching and exploring what they call “Complementary & Alternative” medicine. These “alternatives” may or may not be the thing for you, but there is value in being open to having a different understanding and perspective about your body other than what we have been taught by Mom ’n Dad 'n Doc. Even if you don’t use any of these methods, the information and perspective is infinitely valuable.


With that, I give the same (word-4-word) cautionary note as with the other resources:

These are guides, not definitive answers. I strongly advise that you have a doctor, a physician, a qualified healer with whom you can consult on all of these choices and options. These are not intended for nor do I advocate/endorse self-diagnosis, self-treatment, and/or unsupervised methods of healing. Whatever healing choices you make (Western, Eastern, other), make them fully-informed, and that means that most often, the answers may come with more questions. Having the right person to whom you can present the information and questions is vital.


Gather your team of healers and work together to make a plan. Ultimately, it’s most important to tune in to yourself and find what resonates with you so that whatever decisions and choices you make come from a place of peace, calm, and clarity.


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A group of certified holistic health counselors; focus on women’s hormonal health, using food/nutrition to heal, nurture, and balance hormonal health



A coalition of physicians, researchers, and nutritionists; a charitable organization that advances cancer prevention and survival through nutrition education and research. The Cancer Project began in 1991 as a program of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine


HERBAL CURES n TREATMENTS (Dr. David Williams / Alternatives Newsletter)

Motivated by his philosophy that the body's innate healing capabilities need to be supported with sound natural therapies, Dr. Williams travels the globe in search of highly effective herbal cures and treatments that have been used in remote parts of the world for centuries.



Health food deliverance (figuratively and literally)!



Article about the power of Green Tea . . . easy to read and green tea is beneficial on many levels of health


Founded by David Slater; a consortium of natural healers who combine their knowledge and experience to create remedies unique and personal to each person’s journey, inside and out!



Not cancer-related, but a very inspirational organization working in the realm of genetic conditions and children to engender compassion, acceptance, and expanded consciousness about who we are as human beings, and finding the grace and beauty in whatever form our bodies come.



Boundless inspiration and resources . . .








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