"Welcome to radio station W. E. F. U. N. K., y’all!  

Now, this is what I want ya’ll to do:


If you got faults, defects, or shortcomings, y’know like arthritis rheumatism or migraines, whatever part of the body it is, I want you to lay it on the radio.  Let the vibes flow through. Funk not only moves, it can RE-move . . . dig?


The desired effect is what you get, when you improve your 

interplanetary functioning ship!"


— Parliament Funkadelics


Music has the power to revitalize, reenergize, rejuvenate, relax, rewind, unwind, inspire, invigorate, “move and REmove,” as the Funkadelics so eloquently put it. Music is my soul, and it plays a huge part in my life on so many levels. These selections merely scratch the surface of my personal collection (as those of you who know me would attest), so they represent music that was/is instrumental – pardon the pun – as the “soundtrack” to my healing journey, and include my absolute must-haves, the ones I feel are universally inspirational and powerful, and just a lil’ bit of everything really!! 


The big challenge was how to arrange them (alphabetically, style/genre, mood???), so here they are in the best way I could pass ’em along to you:


* * * * * * * * * * * *


As tough as this was to do, this first section of CDs are my "desert island discs"; 

can't live without 'em, and I have on many occasions played these on repeat

for an entire day or 2 (or 3 or more sometimes!). They hit all da right spots: 

inspire, soothe, relax, energize, fill every cell of my body with love and joy

and then some! Some of the artists are personal friends who not only inspire me 

with their music, but also as beautiful people whom I am blessed to have in my life; 

then there are those whose music is my sole/soul connection to them and it is a 

very deep, infinite, and everlasting one. 'Nuff said . . .


NOTE:  CDs are not in any particular order of importance, impact, etc.


morleyDLT morleysunmachine dorothyscott abbeyturtles
waldemar marleylegend caleddie baabafirinfouta
sarala2 bheki amadoumariam djeliflamenkora
pullenode2life pullenkelemoubana jarrettkoln waynejuju
turreridimwithin shirleyheres2life terrycallierwhatcolorlove billwitherscarnegie
steviesongskeyoflife marvinwhatsgoinon santanabestof EWFbestof
rufusrufusized rufusrags2rufus arethahits raybestof
RevAlGreenhits donnyeverything2 otisblue cassandrablulite
marciofaraco nickdrakepinkmoon joniblue midonlive
jodishaw goingdriftless mileskindablue milesbirthocool
cesariaevora saliffolon felabestbest2 zapmama
buenavista morethanmambo neilyoungharvest CSN
joecocker jamesglow hadenmeth cathits
donmcleanamerpi dinahwhatdiff billietorching sarahgoldenhits
ellalouisbest benwebstersoul jonlucien jobimmanfromipanema
getzgilberto jaco herbiemaiden coltranelovesup2
coltranehartman birddiz leesidewinder
artfree4all curtisanthology atlanticRBbox


Not precisely a Timothy Leary approach (but inspired by his saying): music for relaxing, calming effect, great for meditation, and kinda "tunin' in, turnin' on, and droppin' out" so-to-speak. Some are repeated from the section above, but listed again for this particular purpose. I sometimes found it incredibly difficult to feel truly relaxed and at ease with all of the physical, emotional, mental, metaphysical turmoil and confusion that I was experiencing during this journey. These CDs helped to calm my mind, transport me to a soft 'n soothing place, and allow for some quietude in the eye of the storm . . .


bheki keijarrettkolnthjarrettkoln billevansconvwself bradmehldautokyo
pullenrandom dorothyscott nightark hadenmeth
tonyscott casalsbach chuchosolo kissin
touslesmatins saliffolon salifmouffou morykante2
alitoureradiomali2 nusrat getzgilberto jobimmanfromipanema
jobimcomposerplays djavan joniblue nickdrake5leaves
nickdrakepinkmoon ebtgacoustic jodishaw sadelovedeluxe
driftless terrycalliertimepeace sarahbrazromance
billiesolitude billieladysings shirleyheres2life
djeliflamenkora munequitos olatunji


these CDs just make me wanna dance 'n move to the groove! Once again, some were already 

mentioned, but they bear repeating for this calling too. Music is so deeply infinite in its power to heal,

and the effects vary depending on the circumstances from moment to moment. These fill my heart 

and body with joy and stimulate all of my senses. As it is widely said, music is a universal language,

and these CDs say "get your back up off the wall" and feeeeeel it, in every language!! And if you 

can't actually get up and dance, your body will anyway —  from the inside. Trust me! 

So, get ready to shake your groove thang, folks . . .


sarJBstartimeala pfunk2 EWFbestof EWFessential
EWFgratitude rufusrufusized rufusrags2rufus arethalive
raybestof whenwewerekings AWB meshell
blaxv1 blaxv2 blaxv3 blaxbestof
blaxharlem incogNTLF incog100degrees felabestbest
felastalemate felanoagree kingsunnybestof kingsunnyjuju
baabadjam alitoureniafunke alitoureradiomali2 ibrahimferrer
compaysegundo compaycallesalud omaraportuondo celiadinamica
celiaincomparable sonoramatancera chicocubanblues mannyoquendo
eddiepalmierisunolatin eddieazucar2 sextetohabanerov1 sextetohabanerov2
bebo alegreallstars faniaallstars irakerelive
irakeremisanegra saliffolon salifmouffou salifmansa
midonlive jimmycliffharder tootsmaytalsbest marleylegend
turreridimwithin coltranefavetings leesidewinder artfree4all
artmoanin lonniemoveyerhand pullenkelemoubana pullenode2life
bandablackrio miguelito titorodriguez marvinletsgetiton
marvinmotownhits marvinverybest marvinwhatsgoinon stevieinnervisions
whenwewerekings JBstartime allmanbrosfillmore lynyrdhits
ledzep ledzepIV ledzephouseholy curtissuperfly
donnyeverything donnysongs4ulive donnyinperf2


I've tried to "group" some music into some kind of category or mood for you so far, and I covered quite a bit of my faves in doing so (not in any order of importance or passion). But they are only a hint of what's out there for your enjoyment and healing. So, here's some more of my favorites of all styles and sounds from all over the world that I think you'll dig. In the meantime, I'll just keep adding more as I have the time and inspiration to do so . . .


nickdrakeway2blue joaolegendary jimcroce eagleslive
jimiexperienced jeffbuckley jeffbuckleygrace claudiarhythmlife
claudiawindsouth dinahsmokeinyereyes2 sarahwquincymisty ellabestsongbooks
ellapureella billiecommodore fleetwoodmac ebtgampdheart
portishead portisheaddummy portisheadroselandlive jazzanova
radioheadOK radioheadKidA radioheadAmnesiac tonyscherr
obrothersoundtrk terrycallierfireonice weatherheavywthr crusaders
RevAlGreenstay2gether RevAlGreenstillinluv isleysessential santanalegacyed
ftapachemoliendo ftapachepensativo ftapacheriverdeep ftapacherumbamonk
rubengonzalez2 cachaomastersesv1 cachaoritmocaliente salifamen
youssou milessketchesspain coltranebluetrain artindestructible
artbusdelight leecornbread2 leesearch4newland2 midonlive
midonlive morleyDLT morleysunmachine jamesglow
midonlive morleyDLT morleysunmachine jamesglow




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